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The Human Body

El cuerpo humano


If you are going to take Spanish courses in Spain, you will be visiting one of the most populated countries in the world - 27th in the CIA factbook list with about of 46.8 million inhabitants. That is a lot of bodies.

The life expectancy of the average Spaniard is 78 for males and 84 for females, with the UK's Channel Islands, Australia and Canada being the only English speaking countries ahead of Spain. Spanish longevity may be down to their remarkable diet, or it may be due to their relaxed lifestlyle, but either way Spain features in the 15 highest life-expectancy countries.

Or is there another secret? Do they have something in their heads? In their hands? In their knees?

Learn all the necessary Spanish vocabulary skill to find out.

English WordSpanish WordPronunciation
headla cabezala cah-bay-thah
bald (head)calvocalboh
earslas orejaslass oh-reckhas
eyeslos ojoslos ockhos
nosela narizla nah-reeth
mouthla bocala bockah
foreheadla frentela frentay
chinla barbillala bar-beeyah
cheekla mejillala meh-kheeyah
moustacheel bigoteel be-gottey
beardla barbala barber
stubblebarba de 3 díasbarber de tress dee-urs
neckel cuelloel coo-weyoh
shoulderslos hombrosloss om-bross
armslos brazosloss bra-thoss
elbowel codoel codoh
handla manola manoh
fingerslos dedosloss ded-oss
thumbel pulgarel pull-gar
chestel pechoel pechoh
trunk (of body)el troncoel tronkoh
backla espaldala eh-spalldah
bellyla barrigala bah-reegah
buttel culoel cooloh
legslas piernaslass pee-ernahs
kneela rodillala roh-deeyer
shinslas pantorillaslass pan-tor-eeyas
ankleel tobilloel toh-beeyoh
footel pieel pee-ye
nailslas uñaslass oonyes
toeslos dedos de pieloss dedoss de pee-ye

If you have read the beauty page, you will know there is an abundance of beauty salons in the country, as any Spain travel guide will attest, so perhaps the Spanish body manages to conserve itself for so long due to excessive pampering and those afternoon siestas - you decide!