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Las frutas


We all know that we are supposed to eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day and specialists say that it is even better to aim for 5 different coloured crops in order to maximize the nutritional benefit. It's not easy to follow this advice, but in certain places it takes less effort.

One of the surprising things about Spain for the first time visitor, is the diversity of fruit available throughout the year. Forget your usual apples, oranges and bananas, the Spanish frutería is always full of fresh, sweet delights in a variety of colours to choose from. When you're not only taking care of your body but also discovering something new, the task is all the more enjoyable. Like when you see a good documentary about Spanish or go to a Spanish summer camp in Spain. You enjoy doing something that is useful for you.

Anyway, the Spanish fruit vocabulary is split into 3 distinct lists: 'regular' fruit, tropical fruit and berries.

English WordSpanish WordPronunciation
applela manzanala man-thahnah
orangela naranjala nah-rankhah
pearla perala pearah
bananael platanoel plah-tah-noh
peachel melocotónel mellowe-coh-ton
nectarinela nectarinala neck-tuh-reenah
cherryla cerezala the-raythah
plumla ciruelala thi-roo-ella
apricotel albaricoqueel al-bar-eeh-coh-kay

English WordSpanish WordPronunciation
lemonel limónel lih-monn
limela limala leemah
melonel melónel meh-lonn
watermelonla sandíala sand-eeyah
pineapplela piñala peenyah
figel higoel iggoh
orangela naranjala nah-ran-hah
grapefruitel pomeloel poh-mellowe
clementinela clementinala cleh-men-teenah
grapela uvala oobhah
raisinla pasala passah
lycheeel lichíel lichey
passion fruitel maracuyáel marrah-cooyah
guavala guayabala gwhy-abah
papayala papayala pah-pyah
coconutel cocoel coh-coh
kiwiel kiwiel kee-wee
dateel datílel dah-till
pomegranitela granadala grah-nardah

English WordSpanish WordPronunciation
strawberryla fresala fress-ah
raspberryla frambuesala fram-bwessah
blackberryla morala mohrah
blueberryel arándanoel ah-rann-dannowe
mulberryla moraa mohrah
gooseberryla grosellala groh-say-ah
elderberryla baya de saúcola byah de sauwcow
redcurrantla grosella rojala groh-sayer rockah
blackcurrantla grosella negrala groh-sayer negrah
Sharon fruit / persimmonel caquiel cackey

You've probably noticed that some of the Spanish words double up for more than one fruit. You can clarify which exact fruit you mean by defining the colour. There's also a number of native Latin American fruits in a variety of shapes and sizes which don't tend to arrive too often on European shores. If you are travelling in Latin America, ensure that the fruit you eat has been thoroughly washed to avoid any unneccessary upset stomachs.