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Greetings - Starting and Finishing a Conversation

Saludos - Empezar y acabar una conversación


Bienvenidos to the Spanish greetings page.

Did you know in the Spanish vocabulary there are up to four different versions of the word for "Welcome"? It depends on who you are greeting. Bienvenido (to a man), bienvenida (to a woman), bienvenidos (to a male or mixed gender group) and bienvenidas (to a female group).

There are greetings in written form, as in letters and e-mails. But true Spanish communication is oral. Spanish people love to talk. No matter where you go, you will no doubt find yourself entering a Spanish conversation, whether you look for it or not.

Different people use different acknowledgements so you will encounter all sorts of greetings should you ever make a phone call to or from a Spanish speaking country, or just find yourself sitting in a bar chatting to the locals.

English WordSpanish WordPronunciation
Good morning / good dayBuenos díasbwenos dee-yus
Good afternoon / good eveningBuenas tardesbwenas tar-dess
Good nightBuenas nochesbwenas noch-iss
tell me (used when answering the phone)dígamedigha-me
tell (used when answering the phonedigadiggah
yes (used when answering the phonesee
how are we¿Cómo estamos?komo es-tamoss
how are you (to a friend)¿Cómo estás?komo es-tass
how's it going (to a friend)¿Cómo te va?komo te vah
what's up¿Qué hay?ke aye
what's up¿Qué pasa?ke passah

English WordSpanish WordPronunciation
ciao (yes, the Italian word)Chauchauwe
See you laterHasta luegoastah loo-agyo
See you soonHasta prontoastah prontowe
See you tomorrowHasta mañanaastah man-yah-nah
Until never (meaning you'll never speak to them again)Hasta nuncaastah noonkah
We'll see each other soonNos vemosnoss vey-moss
We'll speak soonHablamosab-lam-oss
a hugUn abrazooon a-brath-owe
a kiss / kissesUn beso / besosoon bessoh / bessoss
take careCuídatekwee-dah-tee

If you want to learn Spanish in Spain you are going to have to at least say hola to the world you're about to embrace. And there is a whole world of Spanish speaking countries out there waiting for you to visit them.